I am running for U.S. SENATOR 2020 (D-KY) as a change agent, to repair the damage that MOSCOW MITCH has caused. I have a vision to create innovational improvements to our great Commonwealth, placing priority on our working class and building an economy from the ground-UP.

I'm not taking away your firearm

  • Firearms – Common Sense that includes Gun Safety Locks and Concealment for Households with Youth 16 and Under
  • Universal Background Checks including Gun Shows and Online Sales, Limitations on Assault Weapons to Protect Police Officers and The Public with Limits on Magazine Capacity
  • Address Gun Violence in the Urban Areas of Lexington and Louisville
  • Support – Strong Supporter of 2nd AMENDMENT not NRA
  • Support – Strong support for Our Veterans, Seniors and Homeless Citizens. The words Veteran and Homeless should never go together
  • Renew – Strengthen Relationships with Our Allies
  • Strength – Bolster & Support our Military and National Security Agencies


  • Jobs – Raise Living Wage to $15/Hour
  • Jobs – Placement, Preparation and Transport Assistance
  • Educators – Teacher Raises and Reduced Classroom Sizes
    Increased Funding for Public Schools and Supplies
    Funding For The Arts including Band Instruments
  • Training – New Skills for New Jobs
  • Training – for Urban, Rural and Appalachian Citizens, Especially Coal Miners and High School Graduates Not Pursuing Post-secondary Education
  • Support – Strong support for Our Veterans, Seniors and Homeless Citizens. The words Veteran and Homeless should never go together
  • Rejoining Society – Funding for GED and Skills Trades Training to Assist in Preventing Recidivism for prisons and jails


  • Healthcare – Universal Health Care Affordability and Accessibility includes Reduced Prescription Drugs and Insurance Premium Costs with Paid Maternity Leave and FMLA
  • Youth Empowerment – Mobilization and Leadership Initiatives
  • Addiction – Opioids, Alcohol, Heroin and Meth Addiction & Recovery Programs
  • Infrastructure – Roads, Highways and Bridges Repair. Rapid Rail System modeled after the LYNX (Charlotte, NC) to Reconnect Key Points Locally and Throughout Kentucky
  • Women’s Rights – Equal Pay and Right to Choose. Protections from Sexual Harassment, Abuse and Assaults; a Task Force to Address Human Sex Trafficking and Rape
  • Voting Rights – for Felons who have completed their sentences, including Probation and Parole and paid their debt to society.
  • Predatory Bail – Abolish Cash Bails for Low Income Offenders
  • Cannabis/Marijuana – Descheduling for Medicinal and general use
  • Immigration – Reform with Pathway to Citizenship, DACA Supporter


This grassroots campaign is for the little guy. We're up against millionaires and very well funded Super-PACs with agendas, and Mitch McConnell's iron grip of power. Let's leave the 1980's in the 1980's where they belong, and move along. It's time for a new vision, and we're Truckin' for Change.

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No donation, no voice and no soul is too small. This campaign is for the little guy, for the true-blue working class: A Kentucky for All. Join Bennie Truckin' for Change on his route to the U.S. Senate, to take on Mitch McConnell. Let's #flipthesenate and focus on what KY needs most